NICU Transition Team at AAC

Photo of father and child with newborn baby to illustrate services available in therapeutic NICU transition from hospital to home for neonates. Caption "AAC's NICU Transition Team" and "Experienced, At-Home Transition Care for NICU Graduates and their families.

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Photo of mother and infant to illustrate availability of post-NICU transition at AAC Las Vegas

The AAC Team Approach

Team AAC understands the unique challenges of transitioning from NICU care to home. NICU graduates are often at increased risk for long-term developmental issues due to prematurity and/or neurologic insult suffered before or during birth. AAC provides an allied health team, consisting of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech pathology that is critical to early evaluation for gross and fine motor skills, feeding, and language development.

Our clinicians are trained to assess and monitor your child’s neurodevelopment and provide early detection of potential developmental delays. The team assigned to your child upon graduation from the NICU can easily assess any potential issues with development within their respective fields in order to provide the appropriate treatment and support to enable your child to reach their full potential.

Our teams provide weekly education for families and caregivers that is based in research and best practices. Family-centered care is at the heart of all we do; your parental voice will always be valued, as you know your child best.

AAC is committed to clinicians who are current in their field; that means our patients get the most advanced care and treatments available. We know parents of complex kids carry a heavy load; if we can lighten it by researching so they don't have to, we're all in.
AAC Speech Therapy PT and Rehabilitation Director Alicia
Alicia Young, MSPT
Director of Rehabilitation

When Timing is Everything, You Need a Team with Education, Experience, & Training

You both fought hard to get here; we’ll help you take the next steps. We make quality, comprehensive care convenient and safe as your child develops, practicing infant and child therapy in-home to minimize exposure for our most vulnerable patients and their parents.

Our therapeutic staff is are master’s-trained, data-driven, licensed professionals who understand the needs of complex kids and take a proactive interest in the health of your child. Our team receives advanced training in tracheostomy, ventilator, and NG/G/GJ care.


Contact us before or after delivery. We’ll work with you and your healthcare providers to find therapy solutions that work for your child and your family.


Questions to ask when researching newborn therapy providers:


  • Can you provide services in my home? Virtually?
  • Are all of your services provided by a licensed clinician?
  • How much experience will my child’s therapists have?
  • What specialized training do your team members have?
  • How much education/continuing education do you require of therapists?
  • Can your group provide all three specialties (speech, occupational, and physical therapy)?
  • Does your team take a comprehensive approach, will my child’s providers work together and work with my other providers?
  • Do you have experience with feeding, oral, and AAC speech therapy?