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Photo of therapist and elderly patient in wheelchair holding iPhone to illustrate AACs stroke and Early Supported Discharge Services available in Reno, Nevada. Captioned "Early Supported Discharge Services" and "Making Sure Patients have Access to Qualified AAC Professionals"

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Photo of therapist and elderly patient in wheelchair to illustrate AACs stroke and Early Supported Discharge Services available in Reno, Nevada

The AAC Team Approach

Team AAC understands the unique challenges of transitioning from acute care to home. 


Our clinicians are trained to assess and monitor your condition to provide early detection of potential problems. They can help with activities like dressing, eating, and walking, always with a focus on making sure you’re able to communicate with your family and caregivers. Your team will provide the appropriate treatment and support to enable you to reach your full recovery potential.


Family-centered care is at the heart of all we do, so you can be assured your voice will be valued and respected.

Get Home Faster, We'll Help

  • Early Supported Discharge is a multi-specialty rehabilitative program to help patients transitioning from acute care to home get there sooner and maximize recovery.
  • Upon discharge from hospital care, AAC therapists visit weekly to provide the same evidence-based, research-driven care you received as a hospital patient in their home environment.
  • At the end of that intensive period, your condition is reevaluated and when you’re ready, your therapists transition to quarterly monitoring visits to ensure successful long-term outcomes. 

Contact us before or after your discharge from the hospital. We’ll work with you and your healthcare providers to find therapy solutions that work for you and your family. 


AAC is committed to clinicians who are current in their field; that means our patients get the most advanced care and treatments available. We're passionate about the science behind what we do, and it shows in the care we provide.
AAC Speech Therapy PT and Rehabilitation Director Alicia
Alicia Young, MSPT
Director of Rehabilitation

Your AAC team is committed to improving recovery and quality of life for patients and their caregivers by providing convenient in-home access to multi-specialty, evidence-based services.