ABA Therapy at AAC

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Available Services


  • Evidence-based, coordinated ABA, speech, occupational, and physical therapy services
  • Comprehensive ASD evaluation and care planning
  • In-clinic, in-home, and teletherapy options

At AAC, we understand the needs of complex kids and caregivers. That’s why we do things differently here. 


We’re all about communication and quality of life for children and their families. 


AAC started with the goal of a voice for every child. As we expanded into providing more services for medically complex children, one thing hasn’t changed – we’re all about solutions. 

We understand the challenges of parenting kids with complex needs. Our goal is simple – to give your child the tools and strategies to help them better communicate, learn, and live more fulfilling lives. What that looks like for you and your family is unique, so we’re here to listen, learn, and teach. 

Our team brings ABA therapy to you and your child, on your schedule. 

Contact us for more information. 

AAC is committed to clinicians who are current in their field; that means our patients get the most advanced care and treatments available. We know parents of complex kids carry a heavy load; if we can lighten it by researching so they don't have to, we're all in.
AAC Speech Therapy PT and Rehabilitation Director Alicia
Alicia Young, MSPT
Director of Rehabilitation