AAC includes: 

  • Body Language 
  • Gestures and pointing 
  • Eye gaze
  • Facial expressions 
  • Vocalizations
  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Pen and paper 
  • Communication boards, charts, and books 
  • Pictures, symbols, and photos. 
  • Alphabet boards 
  • ETRAN frames for eye gaze 
  • Word boards
  • Single message switches/multiple message switches 
  • Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCA) 
  • iPad communication apps (LAMP Words for Life, TouchChat, Proloquo2Go, Sonoflex) 
  • Speaking valves

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is all forms of communication except oral speech. 

Graphic titled "What is AAC" with explanation that AAC speech therapy includes Unaided Communication like sign language (with a hand); Low Tech communication like board (with an alphabet board) and high tech aided communication, illustrated by an iPad and iPhone


AAC Speech Clinic is so much more than speech therapy. We have a team of rehabilitation and developmental specialists who provide a full range of both in-home and on-site care. One of our goals has always been to do our part to increase access to care for every child in the communities we serve by making our services as convenient as possible. While our initial evaluations are done in the clinic, our therapists can come to you for care if that’s the best solution for your child and your family.

Speech therapist in floor teaching child illustrates AAC speech therapy services available.


It's more than a name - AAC is our foundation. Educational and hiring standards plus ongoing training by AAC experts mean world class care for your child. There's no substitute for specialization. Available in Las Vegas, Reno, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Therapist with child, illustrating the work AAC Speech Therapy does with chidren in Las Vegas and other markets


As an integral part of the therapy team, our AAC-trained OTs focus on how your child can get the most from communication tools and devices as well as other quality of life and ADL needs. Available in Las Vegas and Reno.

AAC Speech therapy physical therapist lifting child illustrate some of the physical therapy services available.


From the ergonomics of AAC to quality of life, developmental, and habilitation therapy, our PTs are here because they share our passion for kids with complex needs. Available in Las Vegas and Reno.

Teenager using AAC speech therapy device with therapist illustrates AAC speech therapy services available.


Meeting children where they are to help them meet their full potential - our ABA team has experience with complex needs and works to increase kids' quality of life and access to the community. Available in Las Vegas.

About AAC

Our "Why" is Simple.

Complex Kids Need Specialists.
Families Need Convenience.

I've learned that teamwork between family, therapists, teachers, and medical professionals is essential to ensure the best outcomes for every child. Facilitating that teamwork and those excellent outcomes are AAC's goals for every person with whom we have the honor to work.
AAC Speech therapy CEO and founder Katherine Wallisch, MS, CCC-SLP
Katherine H. Wallisch M.S., CCC-SLP/L
Chief Executive Officer, AAC Specialist


Physical therapist holding a baby to illustrate in-home physical therapy.

Las Vegas Speech Therapist Brings AAC Therapy Into Focus with New Practice

As a Las Vegas speech and language pathologist, Katherine Wallisch recognized a real need in Southern Nevada for a multi-disciplinary approach to AAC communications for children and set out to build a practice to fill it.

Little girl using a letter board to illustrate AAC services available at AAC speech therapy

10 Resources for Developing AAC Goals for Speech Therapy

Speech therapy goals vary according to setting and as to specificity. AAC goals for speech therapy often present a particular challenge for educators and clinicians, and especially for parents and caregivers navigating IEP and clinical therapy landscapes.

AAC Device with arrows and picture cards

What is a Speech-Generating Device or "SGD" and How Do I Get One?

Speech-Generating Devices or “SGDs” are one form of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (“AAC”). They are a form of durable medical equipment that helps patients who cannot rely on oral communication to express themselves.